Trick or Tweet? Judging a (Face) book by its cover.

 Certain events like Halloween can be used in Branding at the certain times of the year. One example below is the Coca Cola logo being reinvented for Halloween. This can be important as a gimmick for special occasions. However in this blog I am going to be looking at the effect of Social media on Branding and the different techniques certain companies use. 2

In this day and age the use of social media to increase brand awareness has become a vital instrument for Brands. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram are progressively becoming more and more popular. A few years ago social media would be all about communicating with your friends however this has evolved now and social media such as Facebook is used for so much more. It is a way of sharing pictures/videos, becoming more aware of companies/ news, but also feeling like your a part of something. As someone who uses Facebook rather than Twitter I will talk more about the techniques that are used in Facebook.Get-Facebook-likes-Twitter-Followers-Youtube-Views

The Importance of the ‘Like


The like button first started off in February (2009), it was a way of people making others aware of their interests and likes. You could like a film, a company, a page, but it allowed others to becomes aware of your interests. It is also a clever way for companies to analyse demographics, and see if there is a link between certain likes and types of people. This is also very important for companies in trying to increase brand awareness. Companies would introduce certain ways for people to like or share their Facebook page. Some companies have competitions where you like or share a page and you get entered into a prize draw.This is a very clever way of getting your brand known. Once you have liked a page you then become part of this page, you see everything that they post and you then have a certain connection with this company that you never had before.


It is also vital for businesses/ brands as it is a free way of advertising. This is extremely important for companies as marketing costs companies millions of pounds every year. However you now have a way of increasing this awareness in a way that isn’t costly at all. They also make you feel special in a way, I know i have liked pages on Facebook before to become aware of offers and deals when they become available.

For examples Dominoes make you aware of certain deals that become available and by liking the page you feel like your exclusive and special. By not liking the page you feel like you are left out, even if it is still available to you. You might not even fancy a dominoes at the time of liking the page however you know sometime in the future this could be an option for you.


Another example is Hollister clothing brand. With clothing it is more about feeling apart of a certain group rather than just getting offers. With dominoes you don’t b just buy it to fit in with a certain group you purchase it because you want one, which is different to clothing as i have discussed before. However they again use some of the same tools and techniques. One example from their facebook sites shows how they use their site to promote offers for their product. They give you a code to get 40% off, by liking the page this information becomes available to you. This is how companies draw you in and then you are sucked in to witnessing everything they post. 1379242_10151726703428741_980198828_n

Now i have talked about ways companies use social media to promote offers, however certain campaigns can be just as effective in increasing sales. Everyone must have seen Coca Cola’s campaign which involved personalising the coke bottles with peoples names. This became a huge success especially because of social media, everyone was sharing pictures of themselves with their coke bottle with their name on. Everyone wanted to be part of this craze and made people who wouldn’t usually buy the product to go out and purchase it just to feel like they were involved. The tagline was share a coke which also meant people buying a personalized coke bottle for their friends too and uploading pictures of this. This is one example of a social media campaign being very effective and in turn boosting sales. Free-Coca-Cola

Campaigns don’t always start of on-line either but social media can help enhance them. Another popular campaign was by compare the market which created a similar sounding site called compare the meerkat. This was a huge success and then evolved on to Facebook and Twitter. The back story is about a meerkat called Aleksandr Orlov who is said to have created this fake site. Even though this is just part of the advertising campaign this fake twitter actually has over 63,000 followers on there showing how people like to get involved with certain ideas.

Hope you enjoyed reading and i have talked a little bit about the different ways companies use social media to try and promote their products and brand. It also shows the importance of social media in influencing our decisions. A good social media campaign can also increases sales and companies can be associated with this rather than previous ideas.


2 thoughts on “Trick or Tweet? Judging a (Face) book by its cover.

  1. As another person who uses facebook as I don’t really see the point in twitter, the usage of branding and advertising has become far more prominent over time as companies have a massive market and variety of people to choose from. It is somewhat clever and a little intrusive when you think about it; as one of the purposes of the ‘Like’ button as you mentioned, is too measure and record peoples interests so they can direct companies at you, which you would be more inclined to visit and purchase something. I do and I dislike the promotions they suggest, as sometimes in my news feed just comes with crap that I haven’t even liked, its just spam! In relation to the other forms of social media, companies have and most likely going to become even more affective in spreading brand awareness especially in this modern day of growing technologies.

  2. This is something that has become increasing apparent over the last 2 years or so. I only use facebook for university purposes (as soon as i finish my masters its being deleted), yet every time i go on all I see is adverts for special offers or campaigns in sponsored posts. Most of these I have little or not interest in the brand at all, but it is still being pushed into my face. It is interesting you note the facebook ‘like’, it has to be asked what the real world value of a like is? However is has to be asked if these campaigns and competitions have a negative affect on brand opinion. I know personally at least, if I get notifications or see posts which are blatant facebook adverts as part of a competition, I hide the person and everything from that application. To me it is as bad as spam emails. It may be free marketing and exposure, but it is something that should be handled very carefully to avoid a negative public image.

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